Justin Gallagher

Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics & Economics

Montana State University

My Primary research field is environmental economics, with a broad interest in household finance, labor economics, and public economics. The central theme of my research is investigating how individuals evaluate and respond to environmental risks.

In a recent paper, Paul Fisher and I test whether red light traffic cameras reduce vehicular accidents and improve public safety. We conclude that the traffic safety benefit of camera programs is much smaller than the consensus view in the existing transportation and engineering literatures. Read media coverage from Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences, Scientific American, Sound of Ideas (NPR, WCPN), and U.S. News & World Report.

In the working paper Retrospective Voting and Natural Disasters that Cause No Damage: Accounting for the Selective Reporting of Weather Damage I show how a popular weather damage database suffers from a nonrandom missing data problem, and provide an instrument-based imputation procedure to account for the missing data. I then reevaluate a seminal study on retrospective voting following a natural disaster and show that the original findings are mostly reversed once accounting for the missing data.